Help Your Teen Have a Productive Summer

Having a productive summer in the years leading up to applying for college can be important. Here’s some of Marie’s favorite ideas to help your teen both be productive and have fun:

  • Take an interesting class at community college or online.
  • Learn CPR
  • Learn sign language
  • Pick a cause you care about in your community. Find groups who care about it too. Organize people
  • Cook dinner for your family once a week. Each time, learn a new dish. Write the recipes down and make your own family cookbook.
  • Organize a book club
  • Start a business with friends.
  • Visit as many colleges in a 30 mile radius of your home with friends and write reviews
  • Learn something that is pure fun
  • See how many books you can read this summer

It’s never too soon to start the conversation about college readiness. While most of the college application process will happen in a short amount of time, there are things you can do now to create more choices for college later. To learn more about how Marie can help, schedule a 20 minute discovery call today!


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